Helpful Literary (and Other) Research Tools

The following database links provide access to professional, peer-reviewed articles and studies of literary and cultural texts. This material is crucial to use for completing research papers that require you to enter professional discussions about literature, politics, thought, and society. Most of these database are accessible through EIU's Booth Library, and you will need to log in with your student account to access and use the databases.

Gale has a new search interface for literary research called Artemis. Artemis cross searches Children’s Literature Review, Contemporary Literary Criticism, the Dictionary of Literary Biography, Drama Criticism, Poetry Criticism, Short Story Criticism, Something About the Author and the new Gale Virtual Reference Library. These sources provide excellent overview discussion of key writers and thinkers.

MLA Bibliography
This databases cross searches criticism of authors & their works, fiction, short stories, drama, poetry, rhetoric & composition, literary theory, and history, theory, and practice of teaching literature. This database also includes indexing for book chapters and dissertations.

This database cross searches a broad range of disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and field sciences.

Project Muse
This database searches topics in Literature and Criticism, History, Visual and Performing Arts, Cultural Studies, Education, Political Science, Gender Studies, and Social Sciences.

The Science Of Music – Why Do Songs In A Minor Key Sound Sad?
Dr. Vicky Williamson of Goldsmiths University, UK, explains emotive tones of major and minor chords in popular music. A useful article to gain added understanding of punk and post-punk in Britain.